Beach Hotel Decision Delayed

The Clearwater Community Development Board approved a development agreement with Dr. Kirin Patel and his development company for a new hotel on Clearwater Beach 4 years ago. That was during the building boom. Now, building is at a standstill and financing difficult to find.

Patel has asked the city to approve an amended agreement. Among other things, it would give him 3 years from its approval to start the project. At the November 18th meeting Councilman Paul Gibson said that without a qualified partner, the project was “destined to fail” and may never get built.

Plans call for a 450 room hotel to be built on the 2.75-acre parcel directly south of Pier 60, between Coronado Drive and S. Gulfview Boulevard. 200 rooms will be timeshares and the rest will be available to the public.

The property is currently vacant and used for temporary public parking by the city. If the amended agreement is approved, the city wants to add $240k worth of improvements that would add 101 spaces to the 103 spaces and add curbing and landscaping. The city would eventually get 8 public parking spaces in the hotel’s parking garage to replace the curbside spaces that will be lost to the hotel project.

The City Council postponed a vote on the amended agreement until its Dec. 4 meeting so parking lot details can be tweaked.