Archives for November 2009

Clearwater Marina Gets Approval

The current owner of the former Clearwater Bay Marina at 900 N Osceola Ave, just north of the Seminole boat ramp, has received approval from the Community Development Board to build new marina. The Clearwater Basin Marina will have 87 recreational slips, there will be no commercial boats or personal watercraft slips available.

The site currently has about 100 concrete pilings that are the remnants of a luxury condo building that was scrapped. Local residents call it “Stonehenge”. The owner isn’t planning to build any condos right now, but could in the future. The pilings cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to construct and will not be removed. Instead, they will be hidden with landscaping and fencing, possibly to use for future development.

New Hotels Approved For Clearwater Beach

The Clearwater Community Development Board has approved new hotel projects on Clearwater Beach. They will also require the City Council’s approval as well because they’re seeking more than their allotted number of rooms.

Tropicana Resort Motels, headed by developer Gus DiGiovanni, received approval to build 2 hotels between Hamden and Coronado south of Third Street. The properties are currently occupied by a number of buildings including the Sandman Resort, Sea Cove Motel and Alex Family Restaurant. One hotel will hae 142 rooms, the other will have 118 rooms.

Shephard’s Beach Resort was given approval for a major expansion. The hotel and entertainment complex will add nearly 100 rooms. One of the existing buildings will be torn down to construct a new one.

Madeira Beach May Allow Higher Density

The proposal is an effort to boost tourism which creates jobs, supports businesses and generates sales tax and other revenue for local governments. Many Madeira Beach businesses, like those at John’s Pass Village, depend greatly on tourism.

City officials have come up with a plan to increase densities in area zoned for tourist accommodations to 100 units per acre for parcels up to 3 acres and 125 units for larger parcels. The proposal is similar to the “Beach by Design Plan” in Clearwater Beach, which has brought new major hotel developments to Clearwater Beach.

Higher densities may also allow hotels and motels to have restaurants on their properties, which are few and far between on the beach side of Gulf Blvd.